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Clothes-free recreation is about body acceptance. We provide a safe, wholesome experience that promotes a better body image and respect of others. Children grow up with greater self esteem, and less likely to confuse nudity with sex. They have a greater understanding of human anatomy and learn not to be ashamed of their body. We promote positive values through healthy lifestyle habits. Plus it's fun!

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Scenes from the latest show:
On This Show: Join us on this show from the Mojave Desert of California to Cypress Cove in Florida with all of your favorite nudescasters! We bring you the latest nudist news and events, plus we have a special appearance from our friends Tom & Mary Clare who share some exciting news! We also introduce a new nudescaster, help us welcome her to our team! Get naked and check it out!
Top Stories: Many celebrities support the Free The Nipple campaign, Nudestock festival in the UK welcomes Britain's got talent star, families face eviction when landowner places new homes next to nudist resort, TV evangelist Pat Robertson shares his views on nudity, art exhibit in Australia starts naked tours, Google backs off decision to censor nude content on its Blogger network, skinny dip world record set in Australia, Facebook policies continue to baffle us, and more!
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  • Join the CFI crew at Deep Creek!

    Follow our crew armed with GoPro's and 5D's as they explore Deep Creek Hot Springs. Our mission is to showcase the worlds best clothing optional locations from an immersive and adventurous perspective.
    Enjoy this free clip from CFI!
  • Scenes from show 309:
    On This Show: Join us for another exciting edition of Nudes in the News from Laguna del Sol, Arizona, Florida, Illinois and more! As always, we have latest news and upcoming events plus the crew and our Facebook/Twitter followers discuss convincing others to try nudism for the first time. There's also an in-depth look at the Sydney Skinny and our favorite nudist memes! Enjoy!
    Top Stories: Getting nude is good for you, 10 reasons to vacation at a nudist resort, couple renews vows with nude wedding after 55 years of marriage, the 3rd annual Sydney Skinny is yet again a huge success, naked rat outlives furry rat by a huge margin, social networking sites Reddit & Blogger update policies on nudity, artist in Germany visits nude gallery in the nude with a baby to 'become part of the art', Denmark nudists crack down on peekers at campsites and more!
    The latest nudist news by nudists. Now available on the iPhone!
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    Nature Zones's newest music video called "Whole Day Nude" by
    Ton Dou. See here!
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    Nature Zones LAPD says nudity OK at World Naked Bike Ride in Los Angeles. See members' area for more!
    Nature Zones Watch ClothesFree Today! We welcome recording artist Ton Dou!
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    Nature Zones Produces its First Nudist Music Video!
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